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Logitrac offers solutions for every industry in many markets. Our Platform has you in mind. Customer feedback drives our platform and feature design.


Logitrac offers many solutions for different markets and customers. From Fleet Tracking to Data Management and White Label Solutions, we have it all.


We offer the best available hardware on the market. Being hardware independent allows Logitrac to focus on software while providing reliable hardware.


Have a question or need support? Logitrac strives on superior customer service. Our support ticket ensures all customer issues get handled properly.


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LOGITRAC HYPERDRIVE The Ultimate All-In-One Solution!

GPS Tracking, Data Management, GPS Hardware, White Label Solutions..... Streamline Your Business!

Logitrac has produced many features dedicated to the use of city departments and their needs.

Through customer feedback, we are able to transition a higher ROI based on every need you experience on a daily basis.


Select one of our overviews that best suits your company.  Our industry specific applications allow us to produce solutions to all your daily problems, automate your fleet, overhead down & productivity up.