Flexible Reporting
Filter extensive information by market, time, vehicle specifics, and more to create unique perspectives. Our one-two click system allows agile data to be manipulated and exported for informed decision-making and use in external programs.
Robust Data
Powerful insight is the key to success. We provide you with access to diverse, multi-faceted information that is vital for continued success. With the ability to scale for a microscopic or large-scale overview, every characteristic of program performance is waiting at your fingertips.
Comprehensive data collections are available to dealerships for support of ground-level performances.
We recognize that your foundation is at the dealership-level.
Transform fleet performance network-wide with our all-in-one digital solution that increases internal efficiency and profitability while creating a seamless customer experience.
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Nationwide Toll, Fuel, & Mileage Capture Rate
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Monitor Vehicles
Digital footprints from every connected vehicle ensures that all assets can be monitored and assessed at any given time. With real-time reporting and detailed data collections, increased vehicle knowledge is promoted across all levels of operations.
Advanced connectivity records extensive data in real-time that can be quickly recalled with only a few clicks.
We strive to continuously introduce tools and resources that drive your performance.
Anything that you may need, we can build. Our constantly evolving platform is fueled by creative experts that tailor designs to your needs.
With unmatched technology and innovative systems, our capable tools and resources can be used to discover additional avenues for growth and revenue.
White Label
Logitrac builds opportunities
for OEMs to

Discover Details

Powerful Insight
Details are significant when cultivating success. Our platform captures agile data that facilitates fleet-wide understanding down to individual units.

Strengthen Your Strategy

Look Ahead
Leverage real-time data collection, in-depth historical perspectives, and custom reporting to build and project future business performance.

Guarantee Consistency

Monitor Programs
Real-time reporting and reliable, easily-accessible data enables a proactive and cost-friendly approach to audit and management processes.
We provide just for you.
Beginning with enrollment, we strive to ensure that every user is knowledgeable on all aspects of our platform. We provide you with direct access to dedicated support representatives that value your time. With a team of experts that embrace transparency and responsiveness, we pride ourselves on your success.
Discover how our platform will transform your definition of fleet management.