Live 24/7 Tracking
Easily direct vehicles by viewing current location and driving histories that include key indicators such as fuel and mileage levels, speed, MPG, and more. With real-time reporting in addition to unlimited historical data per connected vehicle, we have removed the guess work from the routing and dispatch process.
Connectivity allows vehicle statuses and locations to be readily available with historical data accessible with only a few clicks.
Monitor Performance
Our intelligent hardware-software connection provides insight into all aspects of fleet performance.
24/7 GPS & Monitoring
Pinpointing and tracking vehicles has never been easier with live GPS locations that continually update every few seconds and detailed historical driving patterns.
Routing & Dispatch
Easily find closest vehicles to any location and instantly send routing instructions to the driver. Real-time ETAs to customers and delivery.
Vehicle Data
Odometer, fuel, engine status, battery levels, and more are displayed and recorded for every connected vehicle in real-time.
Track Fleet Usages
Managing your fleets fuel consumption is vital to overhead expenses. Check each vehicles idle, daily work hours, stops, fuel fill-ups and more.
Geofence & Alerts
Never miss a beat with our all-inclusive alert capabilities. With the ability to automate alerts based upon location, time, vehicle vitals, driver performances, and more, we keep you up to speed on the status of your fleet at all times.
Take full advantage of our reporting.
Through feedback from fleet operations across a multitude of industries, we have 25+ pre-designed reports that are used daily to dissect all aspects of operations.
Export &
All reporting has the ability to be exported in multiple forms for external utilization and analysis.
Anything that you may need, we can build. Our constantly evolving platform is fueled by creative experts that can tailor designs to your needs.
Logitrac builds opportunities
for fleet operations to

Stay Involved

Automated Notifications
The event-based notification system enables administrators to be made aware of any occurences through the delivery method of their choice.

Expand Control

Create Groups
Through administrative commands and flexible multi-layered accounts, we invite you to mold our platform to fit your organization’s structure.

Gain Insight

Extensive Data
Strategic, multi-purpose performance data is easily accessible with our all-inclusive reporting suite and industry-specific technology.
“The tracking reports we get from the system enable us to monitor and control our entire fleet at a glance… By identifying key inefficiencies in our routing, we are able to cut down on wasted gas, unnecessary wear and tear on our vehicles, and change our drivers schedules to eliminate the time they are on “stand by” waiting for calls. These changes translate into direct savings for our company.”
Amanda Wells
Vice President | Advanced Radiographics, Inc.
We provide just for you.
Beginning with enrollment, we strive to ensure that every user is knowledgeable on all aspects of our platform. We provide you with direct access to dedicated support representatives that value your time. With a team of experts that embrace transparency and responsiveness, we pride ourselves on your success.
Discover how our platform will transform your definition of fleet management.