Live Invoicing
The core of our platform is designed to provide dealers with the ability to instantly recoup their largest expenses. Our contract system utilizes a live invoicing feature that allows dealers to bill customers immediately for nationwide tolls, fuel, mileage, and any additional charges warranted during the use of the vehicle.
No more delays. All costs can now be collected upon the vehicles return creating a transparent and hassle-free customer experience.
Digital Contracts
HyperDrive is a fully-digital solution that consolidates the contract process into a simple step-by-step wizard. With state-of-the-art technology and smart auto-population features, the ability to write and close contracts has never been easier.
Contact-free features and self-service abilities allow you to reach your customers whenever, wherever, and however they are most comfortable.
Our intelligent hardware-software connection allows for unique opportunities that are only possible with our platform.
24/7 GPS
Pinpointing and tracking vehicles has never been easier with live GPS locations that continually update every few seconds and detailed historical driving patterns.
Live Nationwide Tolling
Our platform instantly records and displays toll fees as the vehicle passes through gates allowing for charges to be collected upon the vehicle’s return.
Vehicle Data
Odometer, fuel, engine status, battery levels, and more are displayed and recorded for every connected vehicle in real-time.
Authorized Travel Area
Are you tired of struggling to keep vehicles within your authorized travel area? Our platform alerts both the driver and dealership once a vehicle has exited the allowed area and is eligibile for additional fees.
Advanced Alerts
A simple alert structure allows you to be made aware of all fleet-related updates as they occur. With location, time, incident, and maintenance-based alerts, we encourage proactive fleet management opportunities.
You your own platform.
We provide you with full control to alter or remove any charging rates to ensure your dealership has the ability to react and mold to fluid market conditions.
Customizable fields allow for branding, content, and various visual elements of dealership-specific documentation to be tailored to management preferences.
Multi-layered account setups allow for employee accessibility and visibility controls.
Security &
Passwords and management settings create firm control measures over sensitive features such as customer account information, additional processing of charges, etc.
Average Monthly ROI
Nationwide Toll, Fuel, & Mileage Capture Rate
Average Reduced Daily Rate Per Vehicle
< Min
Needed To Create Contracts
Logitrac builds opportunities for
dealerships and dealer groups to

Monitor & Recover Costs

Increase Profits
Quickly recover fuel, toll, mileage, and any additional costs incurred through our automated live invoicing system. No more hassle. No more delays. Live invoicing allows all costs to be collected at the time of closing – TOLLS INCLUDED!

Cultivate Effeciency

Streamline Contract Process
A hands-off design enables dealerships to build long-term customer relationships by reducing the time needed to complete the loaner process. With an auto-inventory loading system along with seamless mobile-friendly contract steps, our platform does all the work for you.

Track Vehicles

Stay Connected
With real-time reporting and a user-friendly interface, our in-depth GPS tracking package allows for vehicles to be easily located no matter their location.

Make It Yours

Your Brand. Your Platform.
We understand that every dealership is different. With our fluid design and customizability features, we allow you to make our platform your own.

Gain Insight

Understand Your Fleet
Strategic, multi-purpose performance data is continually waiting at your fingertips with our all-inclusive reporting suite and industry-specific technology.
“After implementing Logitrac, we are able to get the customer in and out within a couple of minutes, we know where our assets are, we can finally track the abuse of fuel, tolls and the excessive travel that customers put on our loaners… We went from losing 7k-10k a month in fuel and toll expense to gaining close to 20k a month in revenue. ”
Scott Lyons
Service Director | Meador Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
We provide just for you.
Beginning with enrollment, we strive to ensure that every user is knowledgeable on all aspects of our platform. We provide you with direct access to dedicated support representatives that value your time. With a team of experts that embrace transparency and responsiveness, we pride ourselves on your success.
Discover how our platform will transform your definition of fleet management.