The negative effects of COVID-19 have been felt across the globe. Economies are tasked with adjusting to current trends while establishing the foundation for an effective bounce back. The automotive industry is no different. Safety regulations and a sharp decrease in travel have caused the market’s landscape to shift in an unprecedented direction. As we settle into a new normal, you cannot afford to lose touch with what truly drives your operation: your customers.
Amongst the chaos of adapting, people are still calling on service and loaner providers to meet their vehicle needs. We have put together a list of 4 principles for developing resilience towards negative market shifts, increasing retention and engagement through your customer journey, and understanding how Logitrac helps you achieve both.
1. Make your customers the number one priority.
We’ll let you in on a little secret: people value businesses who in return value people.
No matter the state of the market, every decision made should revolve around benefiting the experience of your customers. Now is the time to implement offerings that prioritize your customers’ time and safety. Consider at-home and customer-friendly solutions such as pick-up & delivery, remote test drives, and mobile contracts.
From contact-less contracts to fully-mobile capabilities and intuitive customer management, Logitrac enables you to provide transparent interactions that reach your customers in memorable ways. Take your services to the road. Open and close contracts from anywhere. Avoid delays and foster transparency with simple payment processing from any device. We strive to remove the road blocks from your daily activities.
To learn more about our Contact-free Contract abilities, click here.
2. Position yourself for continued success.
To elaborate on principle number one, gone are the times where the fastest turnaround and friendliest advisors were the two major decision-making factors that your customers considered. People are looking for convenient, all-inclusive experiences. Expanding your offerings to include differentiated, one-of-a-kind options will give your customers a reason to always choose you.
Logitrac is in the business of creating opportunities; not limiting them. We provide tools and technology that empower effortless efficiency while unlocking unique perspectives. With a portfolio of smart features and customizable options, we provide you with a full arsenal of possibilities from the very beginning. We don’t believe in additional fees for additional features. We don’t recognize limitations. We’re too busy transforming the definition of fleet management.
3. Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility.
It’s simple. Your technology should never limit the progression of your business.
Empower your teams with tools and strategies that allow them to succeed no matter the situation. As the automotive landscape continues to develop, you need to ensure that you are flexible enough to respond. Molding your internal processes to fit around the limitations of your technology is a formula for failure. Instead, equip yourself with a fluid platform capable of moving at your pace and in the direction of your choice.
Before the beginning stages of development, every feature within the Logitrac platform begins with a customer recommendation. We are not a static company. We are an open-ended solution under constant evolution. With regularly-scheduled update releases, we value our customer feedback and are consistently building details that are tailored to better enhance the experience of our users, and ultimately, their customers.
Last but not least…
4. Exploit the power of data.
All successful strategies are built on data.
Having the ability to collect, recall, and analyze performance data is crucial to the planning and execution of future strategies. In the present tense, this information can highlight areas of weakness and missed opportunity. For future endeavors, it will shine a light on the appropriate direction and allow for informed decision-making.
From individual vehicle utilization to an overall birds’ eye view of your entire operation, discover the intricacies of your program through the perspectives and terms that users find to be the most useful. Dynamic data and customizable fields are readily available to create distinct viewpoints. With Logitrac, every aspect of your fleet is truly at your fingertips.
As we continue settling into our new normal, everyday is an opportunity to learn and to progress. We are proud to be empowering dealerships across the country in discovering their own brand of success.
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