We’ve all heard the horror stories, and the worst part is they’re true. Service departments across the country are drowning in manual processes. From backlogged customer charges to complicated inventory processes and towering piles of paper contracts, dealers are running into one commonly overlooked roadblock — themselves.
Typical processes rely heavily on manual abilities. In return, making you susceptible to the limitations of those abilities. With Logitrac, say goodbye to crippling manual work and welcome a suite of automated features that simplify cost recovery, improve program efficiency, and streamline customer experiences.
Instant Invoicing — Nationwide Tolls Included!
Logitrac is the only fleet management and contracting software on the market that allows dealers to directly collect all charges at the time of the vehicle’s return — nationwide tolls, fuel, mileage, daily rates, and any additional costs included. Our technology detects and records detailed usage data beyond what the human eye can see, and quickly translates the information into charges based upon pricing that you have full control over. No more charging customers two weeks later. No more manual calculations. Deliver transparent experiences while unlocking the potential for 100% cost recovery.
Nationwide Tolls
A combination of real-time GPS tracking and one-of-a-kind platform design records all toll charges as vehicles pass through gates. Upon the vehicle’s return, the dealer has the ability to collect those charges instantly. At best, dealers that utilize other fleet management vendors are provided monthly checks to cover any toll charges that were incurred during that month. At worst, they are not able to track or collect toll charges all together.
We’ve seen other software that requires the user to select preset fractions or percentages. We’ve also seen software that requires manual entries during the contract process. Logitrac removes human error and guess work from the equation with live fuel recordings that allow for costs to be recovered down to the penny. With vehicle data that tracks levels to hundredths of a gallon and imports directly to contracts upon open and close, managing fuel expenses has never been easier.
Out-of-Area & Excessive Mileage
GPS tracking and flexible geofence designs translate odometer differences and driving patterns into applicable mileage charges. Want to charge a customer for driving beyond your authorized travel area? Want to charge for driving more than a certain number of miles per day? This can all be done with Logitrac technology and one click from the dealer.
Hands-Off Inventory & Vehicle Management
Is the process of adding and removing vehicles within your fleet management software like pulling teeth? Are you having to gather vehicle documents and tag information to manually enter into your system?
You shouldn’t have to add additional steps to your process in order to achieve improvement. Fluctuating fleet sizes and the ability to quickly move vehicles from your service/rental fleet into your CPO inventory makes a simplified process a must-have. Logitrac recognizes that. We’ve consolidated vehicle management into a hands-off process that requires next to zero dealer effort.
Are you adding vehicles into your fleet? Plug in your LT-4100 OBD devices (provided by Logitrac) and watch as the vehicles’ information auto-populates into the platform. Identifiable information such as VIN, year, make, model, and color translate within minutes. Logitrac’s intelligent hardware-software connection also reads and displays live fuel, odometer, and battery levels. As we understand that each dealership operates differently, we also provide you with full access to customize vehicle labeling to follow suite with your location’s internal process (Vehicle IDs, Stock #’s, etc.)
Need to remove a vehicle from your fleet? Remove the OBD device from the vehicle. It’s that simple.
Other fleet management providers claim to deliver easy inventory management processes, but instead are only able to act as a buffer between the manual work you are trying to avoid and the software they are providing. Consequently, resulting in even more manual work. Where is the efficiency in that?
Paperless, Contact-Free Contracts
From the time that it requires you to complete contracts to your ability to offer flexible, personalized options, your interactions are oftentimes what your customers will remember most. Logitrac delivers a contract portal that simplifies the process for dealers while allowing you to exceed customer expectations — all while remaining 100% paperless.
Auto-Population Features
No more bombarding your customers with questions just to enter in every detail of information by hand. No more falling victim to human error and mistypes. Smart features allow you to extract driver’s license, credit card, and insurance information via photo or magnetic swipe. Better yet, take advantage of our self-serving contract features and allow your customers to complete the contract process entirely from their own devices.
Self-Service & Contact-Free Options
With shifting conditions and evolving safety expectations, you need to be able to reach your customers where they are most comfortable. With a secure link, you can move the process into their comfort zone. For scheduled appointments, acquire the necessary information before the customer even arrives. For walk-in services, zero physical interaction is required. It’s safe. It’s fast. Most of all, it’s memorable.
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Simplifying your internal operation is the key to unlocking new levels of potential. A seamlessly simple process enables you to drive your program in the direction of your choice. By removing the time-consuming manual work from all aspects of your process, overall program performance will reach new heights of efficiency, profitability, and satisfaction.
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