XT-2150 Series is a design platform for a compact GSM/GPRS cellular modem operating in either US or European frequency bands combined with a highly sensitive GPS engine. With embedded antennas and a small form factor, this modem is an ideal platform for discreet vehicle location applications.

Multiple I/O allow customized firmware to monitor ignition status and control an external relay. With options such as an internal battery charger (for an external battery), audible buzzer and motion detector, this platform allows us to rapidly develop a customized product for your applications.  This device is a prime target for vehicles, assets, trucks or other targets that do not require external rugged casing.


  • Mobile Resource Management
  • Aftermarket Automotive
  • Consumer Solutions
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring and Modification

Key Features

  • Embedded cellular and GPS antennas
  • Integrated high-precision GPS engine
  • Supports TCP, UDP, FTP
  • Extensive Inputs and Outputs