XT-2000 OBD Series

XT-2000 OBD Series is a compact cellular modem platform with a built in OBDII interface and a highly sensitive GPS engine. This product platform eliminates the need for costly installations in passenger vehicles, achieving true Plug-N-Play tracking capability. By simply plugging the device into the OBDII connector under the dashboard of post-1996 passenger vehicles, the device uses its integrated GSM modem and highly sensitive GPS engine to track vehicle performance. Additionally, the platform is capable of communicating directly with the vehicles to determine a variety of parameters available on the OBDII interface.

OBDII which operates on GSM/GPRS network supports TCP, UDP, FTP and is capable of firmware update over-the-air. With a highly sensitive GPS engine along with an integrated GPS antenna and multiple OBDII protocols supported, OBDII can be installed in the majority of vehicles available in North America.


  • Mobile Resource Management
  • Aftermarket Automotive
  • Consumer Solutions
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring and Modification

Key Features

  • Embedded cellular and GPS antennas
  • Integrated high-precision GPS engine
  • Accelerometer
  • Integrated OBDII interface enables monitoring of location, speed, VIN, ignition status among other parameters
  • Diagnostic Fault Codes (DFCs / DTCs)