XT-4000 is a GSM/GPRS modem platform with GPS and telematics capability. Using the J1939 CAN and J1708 heavy equipment protocols, this platform has the ability to communicate with large trucks, buses and construction equipment to determine operational parameters. Combined with GPS-based location information, this platform can allow you to monitor and track your high dollar assets. With options such as embedded or external antennas, motion sensors, and power optimized operation, this platform allows us to rapidly customize a heavy equipment telematics solution for your market requirements.


  • Trucking Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring and Modification

Key Features

• Integrated GPS receiver
• Embedded cellular, PCS and GPS antennas
• Optional external antennas for enhanced performance in difficult RF environments
• Ultra low power draw of less than 500 uA when vehicle is not being operated
• RS-232 serial port to transmit ancillary data