2020 has forced the hand of many dealers. For an industry that has been relatively slow to adopt digital and technology-first applications, it quickly became evident that typical processes were not going to cut it anymore. Times are changing and there is no avoiding it. Teams that are able to move proactively will always have one leg up on competitors who succumb to reactive measures. A dramatic shift in customer expectations has left some dealers in the wake of progressive, forward-thinking providers. Utilizing tools and technology that promote flexible, scalable processes could be the difference between future success and failure.
As a result of current trends, a number of features and abilities have been introduced. Through this time of constant evolution, we never stray from the priorities of our core design: safety, efficiency, and profitability.
Contact-free Contracts
Provide your customers with safe, hassle-free experiences that require zero physical interaction. That’s right. Zero physical interaction. Via a secure link delivered to a mobile device or e-mail address, contracts can be completed whenever, however, and wherever your customers are most comfortable.
For more information on our contactless contracting abilities, please click here.
Fully-Mobile Technology
Flexible designs and smart technology allow the Logitrac platform to be entirely functional from any mobile device with no additional fees or applications. Create contracts from any location — on any device. Monitor your entire fleet with a single glance. Pull reports on the go. Expand your reach by empowering your in-store process to take place beyond the walls of your physical location.
With fully-mobile technology, Logitrac opens the door for dealerships to explore pick-up and delivery, remote test drives, and a multitude of customer-first anywhere-anytime options.
Instant Cost Recovery
The highlight of the Logitrac platform: connectivity that intuitively records and translates vehicle metrics into charges capable of being collected at the time of contract close — TOLLS INCLUDED!
No more delays. No more complaints from customers questioning charges weeks after their return. Increase your operational profits by unlocking the potential for 100% cost recovery while providing a transparent customer experience. Fuel percentages and usage rates translate into charges beyond what is possible with manual calculations.
Mobile Payments — Integration with myKaarma
Discover new levels of efficiency by completing multiple processes within a single interface. Recently, Logitrac and myKaarma announced a partnership to further streamline internal dealer processes with an integration that provides simplified, two-way communication between your fleet management software and payment processor. Collect and monitor charges through myKaarma — from your Logitrac platform.
For more information on our Logitrac-myKaarma integration, please click here.
Support & Guidance
Are you unsure of how to introduce pick-up and delivery options? Considering introducing a rental fleet? Do you feel like your team is falling victim to a plague of manual work?
Beginning with enrollment, you are provided a direct contact that will guide you through the process of installation and launch. From day one, we strive to ensure that every user is knowledgeable on all aspects of our platform. Expert representatives are capable of advising on best practices and exploring new opportunities. With a customer-centric team that embraces transparency and responsiveness, we pride ourselves on your success.
Right now, we are in the midst of unprecedented times. The industry is progressing faster and faster by the day, and in directions that call for drastic changes. With Logitrac, shift your focus towards tomorrow and utilize technology that empowers you to write your own definition of success.
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