Let’s start off with a few blunt truths: if you do not have the ability to collect at least 95% of your fleet-related costs, you are not properly managing your fleet. If you are still writing paper contracts, you are not valuing the experience of your customers. If you are not able to operate beyond the walls of your physical location, you are not going to succeed in the new normal.
In today’s age, utilizing technology to create new avenues of profitability and efficiency is the only way to remain competitive. If you consent to the limitations of manual labor, you will be overshadowed by competitors who are taking advantage of modern, digital solutions.
Let’s discuss a few common problems that we have come across and how Logitrac addresses those concerns with digital solutions.
Problem: The inability to recover fuel, toll, mileage, and other fleet-related expenses.
Solution: Live Monitoring & Automated Invoicing
We have unlocked the potential for 100% cost recovery while providing transparency for your guests.
An intuitive hardware-software connection records and displays vehicle metrics in real-time. Odometer readings, fuel and battery levels, GPS locations, speeds, and more are all captured and available with only a few clicks. Vehicle metrics allow for easily identifying and collecting charges related to usage. The platform is quickly able to calculate fuel differentiations beyond what the eye can see. GPS technology allows for tolls to be recorded and reflected on the invoice as they occur. In addition, driving histories are used to calculate excess mileage or mileage outside of an authorized area.
Drivers are able to receive SMS notifications upon exiting authorized travel area.
At the time of closing a contract, all charges are calculated and an invoice is generated within seconds. Long story short? No more hassle. No more guess work. Recover all costs instantly.
Problem: The process of writing contracts creates long customer wait times.
Arguably the most important component of your operation is your customers. What kind of experience are you giving them?
Solution: Paperless Contracts
HyperDrive, our contract system, removes the headaches from your process with a fully-digital experience. From entering customer information to completing the vehicle inspection and obtaining a signature, the entire process is completed within minutes via a seamless step-by-step wizard.
Contracts can be created from anywhere, on any device, completely contact-free. Click here to learn more.
Solution: Time-Saving Automation
We’ve found that the bulk of time is spent obtaining customer information. To combat this, we’ve integrated photo-extraction, barcode scanning, and auto-filling capabilities to streamline your process. In addition, during the opening and closing process, live vehicle metrics are imported directly eliminating the manual work of having to check and enter fuel and odometer information.
Creating a contract has never been more hands-off.
Problem: No fleet visibility when away from the lot.
Solution: 24/7 GPS Tracking
Our GPS technology is not limited to just your lot. It is not limited to specific time frames. In fact, it has no limitations. We provide you with complete visibility for every connected vehicle at any given moment. In combination with our vehicle metrics system, we essentially allow you to become a virtual passenger in your own vehicle.
Solution: Advanced Alerts
In addition, we have created an automated alert system that promotes proactive fleet management techniques. With notifications based upon location, vehicle metrics, contracts, maintenance, and more, we keep you connected at all times.
Finally, let’s end with another blunt truth: the tools and strategies that have helped you reach this point are not necessarily the same ones that are going to enable you to reach the next level.
There is no denying that change is scary. From sign-up to installation, Logitrac keeps the onboarding and implementation process simple. The roll over period between current provider and your time with us is seamlessly transparent. With representatives to walk you through every detail of the platform, hands-free inventory loading, and 24/7 support methods, we ensure that you are fully-equipped to take control of your own success.
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