We’ve all experienced the frustrations and repercussions of an overly complicated process. Simple tasks that are drawn out by the need for simultaneous programs, extensive manual work, and multiple devices are ones that open the door to human error and disarray. These inefficiencies can trickle into adjacent processes and be felt throughout each level of your operation — from management down to customer base. Yet, the solution is simple: utilize fleet management software that consolidates your process into a single, easy-to-use interface.
From contracting to vehicle management and process improvement, let’s talk about how Logitrac has become just that.
Without question, the centerpiece of your process should be your customers. Subsequently, your choice of fleet management software should reflect that as well. Successful teams are not only able to provide seamlessly fast interactions, but are also able to offer experiences that are not easily duplicated. Dealerships that have been able to leverage modern technology to create services that differentiate themselves from competitors have laid the foundation for increased customer retention and satisfaction.
Beginning with the contract process, Logitrac users can take full advantage of time-saving automation features. Photo extraction, barcode scanning, and auto-fill capabilities makes the retrieving and entering of customer information as painless as can be. No more bombarding them with questions. No more manually entering information. No more inconveniently long customer wait times.
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Vehicle selections, data imports, and walk-around inspections are one-two click systems that require zero manual labor. Our hands-off approach simplifies the contract creation process into a one-minute, step-by-step wizard.
Let’s take that a step further. An intelligent hardware-software connection allows for live fuel, toll, mileage, and any additional charges to all be collected at the time of the vehicle’s return. Fully-mobile capabilities and self-service features allow you to complete each step of the process, from creation to charge, from any location. Simply put, Logitrac understands that the most important component of your business is your customers.
As much priority as your customers deserve, your process would not be sustainable without product. Whether your fleet is made up of 10 or 200+ vehicles, balancing all aspects of proper management can be challenging. From optimizing vehicle utilization to proactive maintenance and CPO turnover periods, what if there was a platform that could do it all for you?
We leverage smart technology and an easy-to-use interface to provide complete fleet visibility at all times. Live 24/7 tracking accompanied by vehicle metrics that update in real-time allow for full-circle vehicle statuses at any given moment. Auto-inventory loading allows for hassle-free vehicle exchanges. No need to delete or add vehicles. The system does it for you. An advanced alert structure keeps you connected to your fleet at all times. With in-depth data that updates in real-time along with an insightful reporting suite that highlights KPI details from the perspective of your choice, there is no limit on your ability to unlock new levels of success. Anticipate fleet activities. Understand program patterns. Scale accordingly. Logitrac makes it that simple.
We pride ourselves on empowering dealers to drive their own brand of success. Although we strive to be your one-stop, all-inclusive provider, we recognize that every dealership has a portfolio of technology and processes that are already in motion. With that being said, strategic integrations with a number of providers that dealers already lean on makes transitioning that much simpler. Flexible design and responsive development allow us to remain as open-ended as possible. We are not in the business of limiting your opportunities. Anything you need to better enhance your process, we will build.
Gone are the times when service departments needed multiple advisors, numerous programs, and an abundance of time to not only serve customers, but to manage their own internal processes. We are transforming the definition of fleet management. Contact us today for your free demo!
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