The Future of GPS has Arrived... With Logitrac HyperDrive!

Advanced Mapping System

Our advanced mapping system offers a complete solution in one single page.  From here you can see all vehicles live, moving with detailed status of each.  Map popups provide information such as location, engine status, fuel levels, RPMs, MPG, Speed and much more.  History trails show detailed information at each location since the start of service.  Our list of alerts show any recent alert with detailed information that you need to see.  Using our advanced and easy to use routing system allows for the ultimate routing and dispatch with optional sending via SMS or Email.

Dashboard Metrics

We strive on providing the most valuable data to you in help of reaching maximum ROI.  Our dashboard graphics provides instant views of summaries, showing you work days with details, recent alerts, Group summary status, Advanced Idle / Fuel Burn Graphics, Fuel Economy Analytics, Speeding Chart breakdowns, Group Behavior Charts & Driving Infraction Analytics.

Alerts System

In this industry, alerts are critical in reaching admins, clients or anyone involved.  Logitrac has integrated a HyperDrive solution that provides instant alerts delivered right to you and how you want them.  We have designed a setup process as simple as 1, 2, 3...  Using our wizard, you can create alerts such as Geofences, Driving Behavior, Events like Speeding, Unauthorized Usage, Stop Time, Idling, Device based alerts, Maintenance System alerts and much more.  Customize the names of your alerts, setup your schedules and delivery options, then within seconds of the alert being triggered, you have them.

Reports Suite & Scheduler

Our Reports Suite covers everything you need that's important for your business.  We have built a simple layout that provides categories, descriptions and simple run options.  with over 20+ reports and counting, there isn't much data you aren't able to see.  Logitrac is dedicated to less is more, and we take that into account with the click of a mouse so running reports are even easier with quickload data entries and exports.  With our step by step scheduler, you can automate any report, have it sent via email at any time needed.

Admin & Control

Logitrac feels its important for admins to have complete control over your account and your data.  With our advanced admin interface, you can control everything with a click of a button.  From managing groups and users to placing orders and seeing invoices.  You are in control!  Everything that is needed to manage your account can be found on one single page.

Support, Support & Support

Last and most important, Logitrac strives on providing support like no other.  We feel giving you the tools you need to get through the platform, get the help you need and all information possible is critical.  We dedicate ourselves to fast response times and developing long term relationships.  In our support section, you can see company information, Installation guides, User Guides & Enter Support Tickets.  Your issues will be tracked, issues resolved and keep you satisfied.