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Global Connectivity

With Logitrac, you can connect in any country with any network you choose.  Choose your coverage based on customers need.  Enjoy country to country no roaming charges.

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Advanced Dashboard

With our control Dashboard you have exclusive access to all your sims with the power you need.  Most network companies give you limited access, we give you full access to everything.  From Testing Data and Activate on Demand to Full Diagnostics, you have it all.

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Unlimited Markets

Go after any vertical market that needs data.  Why limit yourself to one industry when we give you the tools to reach any market you want.  At Logitrac we strive to provide the tools to reach every market.


Global Sim Dashboard & Connectivity

The M2M Management Platform & Dashboard simplifies the process of SIM provisioning and reduces the costs by enabling you to activate, suspend, or terminate the SIMs as required.

It lets you to meet your deployment schedules without monthly charges while the SIM cards are in stock or distribution. Devices can now be shipped with pre-enabled connectivity because provisioning is made in real-time directly through the operators HLR (Home Location Register) and available within seconds.

The M2M Management Platform consists of:

    • SIM connectivity
    • Web-based control center
    • Advanced billing systems
    • Worldwide service and support
    • Supports eight languages: English, Spanish, French, German,
      Hungarian, Japanese, Portuguese & Russian.
The Control Center Dashboard of the M2M Management Platform is the key to advanced connectivity administration. It is totally web-based and accessible from any browser anywhere. It delivers total transparency and administration tools tailored to your company needs. 

The M2M Management Platform is a state-of-the-art solution providing full flexibility for all your global connectivity services. The M2M Management Platform delivers global managed connectivity with one-stop access to all your devices worldwide.

The M2M Management Platform is equipped with an outstanding billing system allowing you to control all aspects of usage and enabling next level billing. Billing end-users and controlling costs couldn’t be easier or more flexible. You receive a single invoice for all your global connections across our networks.You are in control from day one, can forecast charges and reduce usage to a minimum.
Complete Flexible Deployment: When you are ready to deploy your services, you will receive the amount of SIM cards required for your project. The SIMs are inactive to avoid fraud or misuse.

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