Change can be unnerving. Factor in the effects of a global pandemic and it becomes daunting to say the least. Yet, in 2020’s automotive retail space, change has become inevitable. To counteract rapidly shifting expectations and unpredictable demand, dealerships are now leveraging innovative technology to employ customer-first, on-demand strategies.
Now let’s be clear: there is a difference between successfully launching a strategy and launching a successful strategy.
Implementing new, anywhere-anytime techniques is not always an easy task. In some cases, it may require full-scale modernization. At Logitrac, we abide by a 3-step process to tackle large scale transformations. Today, we’re going to let you in on our process and how we have applied these very principles in designing a platform that enhances your operation from the ground up.
1. Eliminate
Identify your sources of inefficiency. What are your biggest loaner headaches?
From fleet sizes to internal processes and customer preferences, there are no two dealerships that are identical. Nonetheless, there are a number of common concerns that continue to arise amongst the crowd. When reflecting on your process, consider the following comments we’ve received when speaking to dealers across the country:

  • “We’re leaving so much money on the table by not being able to accurately monitor costs incurred per driver.”
  • “We’re sometimes charging customers up to 3 weeks after they have returned the vehicle.”
  • “As soon as a vehicle leaves our lot, we lose control and visibility while in the customer’s possession.”
  • “Creating contracts requires too much manual work. From entering client information to locating vehicles on the lot, it is all being done by hand.”
  • “We currently don’t have the capability of conducting business outside of our physical dealership.”

Logitrac is designed around daily dealer mishaps. Through 10+ years of feedback and development from ground-level users, we strive to improve your program performance while simplifying what it takes to achieve those results. By removing the roadblocks from typical loaner activities, increased profitability, enhanced visibility, and memorable customer experiences are made easy.
2. Evolve
This is where the hesitation begins to creep in for some dealers.
Recognize when it is time for a full-scale upgrade by modernizing your process with technology that produces internal and external benefits.
Remember earlier when we said that there was a difference between successfully launching a strategy and launching a successful strategy? Well, your technology plays a key role in that. From vehicle management to contract services and mobile functionality, your newfound strategy will fall by the wayside if your approach stretches beyond the limitations of your technology. To put it simply, your internal operation should allow for flexibility and control; not the opposite.
Logitrac technology recognizes no limits. With efficiencies that translate into measurable improvements across each aspect of your process, we streamline your strategy where it matters most to ensure that your team can provide stellar service to the ones who matter most — your customers.
3. Elevate
Unlock new levels of success by exploring unique avenues of opportunity.
As the industry continues to develop, ask yourself: why would someone choose my dealership? If the answer is not immediately apparent, you are already behind.
Now more than ever, people are craving experiences that cater to specific needs through each step of their customer journey. With increased safety precautions on the forefront of your customer’s minds, being able to connect with them whenever, wherever, and however they are most comfortable has become a must-have. From the comfort of their own home to the service drive, your entire process should be capable of operating without hiccups no matter the location. With technology that recognizes no limits, your team can drive program performance in ways that were previously beyond your reach.
Logitrac is an open-ended solution that is constantly evolving based upon dealer needs to ensure that you can move in the direction of your choice. From pick-up & delivery options to drop-off vehicle exchanges and mobile payments, Logitrac users have developed unique possibilities using our zero contact, mobile interface. A liquid design in combination with customizable options and white label development allows for unlimited potential.
In today’s age, people choose providers that recognize the importance of customer preference. 21st century retail powerhouses have conditioned the market to expect services that cater to their needs. As a result, transactional power has shifted from the hands of retailers and into that of buyers. In order to remain relevant in this new landscape, dealers must be willing to embrace change by recognizing when processes and technologies have reached their limits. Remove your roadblocks and drive your own success starting today!
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